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Where Should You Place a Philodendron Plant in Your House?

varieties of philodendrons placed in different rooms of a house

Due to its beautiful appearance and different variegation, a philodendron is loved by most collectors. Even though it is a tropical plant found in rainforests, it is quite suitable to grow any of its variety in your home or garden.

Philodendrons are popular as indoor plants as they grow and thrive easily inside your home or office without the need of taking much care and attention. However, the location where the plant is placed plays a vital role in determining its growth and overall health.

They rarely receive direct sun in their natural habitat as most of the varieties of philodendrons are climbers or creepers. Due to this reason, philodendrons prefer indirect bright light to survive rather than direct sunlight.

As you all know I am a huge philodendron lover and collecting all its varieties is my hobby. I think my garden, office, and home will be incomplete without the presence of philodendrons.

So, in this post, I will let you know about where you should put a philodendron in your house for the best-growing result.

What Are the Factors to Be Considered When Growing a Philodendron in Your House?

Although philodendrons can tolerate nearly all light conditions, there are some other factors that need to be considered to make the plant grow and flourish without any obstacles. Here are some of them.

Light Needed

Even being resilient to all light conditions philodendrons grow best in partial sunlight. Placing the plant in any location with indirect bright light can make it stay healthy and grow fast. Overexposure to direct sunlight can burn its leaves. The growth rate of the plant may decline if placed in very low-light conditions.

philodendrons thrive well in bright indirect light avoid direct scorching sun light

So, it is important to place a philodendron in a spot where it can receive adequate indirect bright light all day long. It is best to place these plants in an east or west-facing window for best results.

Humidity Level

In their natural habitat, these tropical plants get a lot of humidity. So, they prefer to grow well in humid conditions. When growing indoors you need to ensure that the spot where a philodendron is to be placed should have a lot of humidity.

Use a humidifier and mist your plant from time to time if you are in a location with a low humidity level.

Temperature Required

Philodendrons cannot tolerate cold drafts and air conditioning vents So, always keep them away from colder climates.

You should use space heaters to make your philodendron grow and thrive if you are in any colder areas. The ideal temperature to grow a philodendron is between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Did You Know

Rotating your philodendron occasionally ensures even growth and prevents it from leaning toward the light source.

Ideal Place for a Philodendron in Your House

Location plays a vital role in determining the overall health of a plant. Go through the tips below to place a philodendron in an ideal location in any of the rooms of your house.

In Living Room

Most people have living rooms with enough space and sufficient light. So, placing a philodendron in your living room can help it get adequate indirect bright light.

a philodendron kept beside a big sofa receiving indirect bright light

Make sure your living room is warm and has a sufficient humidity level that a philodendron needs to grow and thrive. Place the plant in a corner or near a window with enough indirect light.

Your Bedroom

Some of my friends love to place a philodendron in their bedroom to make the place look more pleasant and fresh. Keeping a philodendron in the bedroom is also a good option as the environment of a bedroom is always warmer and humid.

Place the plant near a window or a corner of the room where it can receive adequate indirect bright light to grow fast.

In Bathroom

Your bathroom is the most humid place in your house and thus, placing a philodendron in the bathroom can help it stay healthy and thrive long.

Place the plant in any corner or windowsill of the bathroom so, that it can receive the indirect light easily.

Your Kitchen

I love to place a philodendron in my kitchen due to several reasons. Firstly, a kitchen has a warm and humid environment that is ideal for a philodendron.

a philodendron placed in a kitchen to provide adequate humidity

Secondly, a philodendron purifies the air so, the harmful components that are produced by the smoke in the kitchen get removed easily and we can inhale fresh air.

Lastly, seeing this lovely plant in front while cooking makes me feel more active and fresher. Place the plant in a corner or windowsill of the kitchen so it can receive enough indirect light.

Did You Know

Philodendrons are natural air purifiers. They help remove toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from your home, making them a healthy and stylish addition to any room.

Where Should a Philodendron Be Placed According to Feng Shui?

According to feng shui, different objects in your house should be placed in a specific location to maintain good vibes and remove negative energies. So, feng shui suggests pruning a heartleaf philodendron regularly to prevent overgrowth of the plant.

Uncontrollable growth of the plant can lead to disharmony and create stagnant energy in your house.

Take Away

Your house or office is the place where you work and relax after working. So, nothing could be better than adding a touch of greenery to your home and office. Philodendrons are a perfect indoor plant that can grow and thrive without much care.

I hope this article will help you to place a philodendron at your favorite location after considering the factors needed to keep the plant healthy and survive well.

Placing your beloved philodendron in the right spot can make it grow and flourish and thus, make your house look more beautiful and fresh with a lot of greenery.

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