The Ultimate Guide to Philodendron Red King Care

Philodendron red king can change the interior of your house with its beautiful leaves. This variety of philodendron is found mostly in the tropical areas of South America and it is a low-maintenance plant.

This plant grows perfectly in warm humid areas and needs to be watered regularly. The scientific name for philodendron red king is philodendron erubescens and it belongs to the Araceae family.

a person is holding a philodendron red king plant with a bunch of colored leaves.

 It has dark green leaves with a reddish hue that makes your room more colorful. As it is quite easy to take care of this plant so, it is loved by most people.

Before getting one for your house, go through this article to get detailed information on red king philodendron.

Benefits of Having Philodendron Red King

It is the most popular household plant and has several benefits. Here, are some of its features you should know before keeping one in your house.

Can be propagated easily

This variety of philodendron can be easily propagated by cutting its stems. So, people who want to grow them more should get a red king.

Purifies air

Air purification is the most common feature of a philodendron. It removes toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the air and thus, helps you to inhale fresh air.

Reduce stress

This plant can help you to get rid of anxiety and stress and also boost your mood.

Requires very less care

As it is a low-maintenance plant so, it does not require too much attention and care to grow and survive.

Did You Know

The plant grows slowly but can eventually reach a height of 6 feet or more. The leaves can grow up to 12 inches long and 6 inches wide.

What About the Look of a Philodendron Red King?

This variety of philodendron has large bright leaves and is available in various colors. most of these plants have deep red colored leaves however, the leaves may also be orange, yellow, or pink in color.

This plant needs warm and humid weather to survive and is mostly found in the tropical regions of South America. It can reach a height of 100 to 120cm and is a low-maintenance plant.

A close-up of a person's hand holding a philodendron red king

Taking proper care by watering it regularly and using good fertilizer can make it grow faster and thus, make your room more colorful.

What Are the Requirements of a Philodendron Red King to Grow?

Unlike, other varieties of philodendron, the red king also has some requirements to grow and thrive. Here are some of them.

Requirement of Water

This plant should be watered on a regular basis, especially in its growing season. Mist can also have several benefits for this plant. To prevent the root from getting rotten do not overwater the plant.

Soil Used

Philodendron red king grows well in soil that is slightly acidic to neutral. This plant prefers airy and loose soil that contains organic matter.

Choosing the right soil that provides the necessary nutrients, drainage, and aeration is important while growing and caring for philodendrons. To learn more about the best soil mix check out Best Soil Mix for Philodendrons.

No Direct Light

Unlike, other varieties of philodendrons this plant needs indirect bright light to grow. The leaves can get scorched if kept under direct sunlight. So, always avoid it.

High Humidity

The red king grows and survives perfectly in most humid weather conditions. So, it is mostly placed in places like the kitchen and bathroom where the use of water is most common.

If you want to place it in your bedroom or any other room then, make sure to increase the humidity around the plant by using a humidifier.


As it is a tropical plant so, it cannot survive in cold temperatures. The perfect temperature to grow a red king should be between 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm and high humidity is best for this plant to grow and thrive.

Fertilizer Used

A good and balanced fertilizer meant especially for household plants should be used. Summer and spring are the growing seasons of the red king and, using fertilizer regularly during this time can be beneficial for the plant.

Changing the Pot

During its growing time, the philodendron red king should be repotted. To prevent the root from getting rotten place the plant in a larger pot than the current one while repotting. If you want more information on the best pot for philodendrons, read this: Best Pots for Growing Healthy Philodendrons

Pruning Well

As summer and spring is the growing season of this plant so, prunings should be done during this time. Pruning properly can make the plant grow more efficiently. However, avoid heavy pruning as the red king cannot tolerate it.

How to Propagate the Philodendron Red King?

For a successful propagation read the methods shared below.

1) Propagate by Cutting the Stem

Stem cutting can help you to propagate your red king. Follow these methods.

  • You should cut the stem that has two or more leaves attached to it. the stem must be in good condition.
  • Take off the leaves from the bottom two-thirds of your cutting.
  • For rooting put your cuttings in a hormone.
  • Now take a planter with potting soil and put the cuttings in it. your pot should have a proper drainage facility.
  • To keep the soil damp and to create a greenhouse effect wrap the soil in a plastic wrap.
  • Now place the pot in a warm location.
  • You will notice the roots to come up within 2 weeks.

2) Propagte by Division

Propagating by division can also be done. Read the ways shared below.

  • Choose a healthy plant with several stems.
  • Split the root ball gently into 2 or 3 parts using a sharp knife or scissors.
  • Take a few pots filled with loose soil that contains organic matter and plant each root section in those pots.
  • Keep the pots under indirect, bright light, and water them regularly.

What Can Be the Most Common Problems With Philodendron Red King?

People who have the red king in their house may notice the problems shared below.

Diseases and Pests

Philodendron red king is mostly free from any diseases or pests. However, sometimes mealybugs can be seen stuck on the plant.

These small insects can make the leaves turn yellow by sucking the sap from the leaves. So, use insecticide immediately if you notice these bugs in your plant.

Leaves Becoming Yellow

Overwatering the plant and keeping it under direct sunlight can make its leaves turn yellow. So, if you notice yellowing of leaves without any pest or disease then, make sure to move your plant from direct sunlight and use the water needed.

Difference Between the Variety of Philodendrons

As you all know philodendron has a huge variety of species. Here are the differences between some of them.

Philodendron Red King and Philodendron Red Sun

DifferencePhilodendron Red KingPhilodendron Red Sun
ColorRed King has dark green leaves with reddish-brown undersides. Its leaves are quite large in size.Philodendron red sun has orange and red variegated leaves.
Size of the PlantThe red king grows very fast. It can be upto 4to 6 feet wide and tall.The red sun grows upto 2to3feet tall and wide which is much smaller than the red king.
Requirement of lightRed King can only thrive in bright indirect light.The red sun can survive in lower lights as well.

Philodendron Red King and Prince of Orange

DifferencePhilodendron Red KingPhilodendron Prince of Orange
Colorthe red king has large green leaves with a reddish tint and prominent veins.Prince of Orange has dark green leaves with orange veins when matured. And has bright orange leaves when it is young.
Size of the PlantThe red king grows up to 4 to 6 feet tall and wide.The prince of orange is a small plant that grows up to 1to2 feet wide and tall.
Requirement of lightRed King can only tolerate indirect bright light.The prince of orange prefers lower lights to grow.

How to Take Proper Care of Indoor Philodendron Red King?

Although a philodendron red king needs low maintenance, here are a few tips you should follow to make the plant last longer.

  • The soil should never be dried out completely. So, water your plant regularly.
  • Use a good fertilizer with organic matter once or twice a year.
  • Repotting should be done every 2 to 3 years by using airy fresh soil.
  • Avoid keeping your plant under direct sunlight. Place it in a location with indirect, bright light.


Philodendron red king can be the center of attraction when kept in your house or office. Its colorful leaves add some extra flair to the place where it is kept. The price of small plants can be somewhere between $20 to 30 whereas a larger plant may cost around $100.

I hope the article shared above will help you make your plant last for many years. Just a little care can make your red king grow and survive without any complications.


  1. How Big Do Philodendron Red King Mature?

    The leaves of a young plant can be 2 feet and grow up to 4 to 6 feet when matured. The leaves are red and orange when young and finally turn to dark green with a reddish-brown tint underside when it gets matured.

  2. How Often Do You Water a Red Philodendron?

    Overwatering the plant should always be avoided. Watering once a week is enough.

  3. Do Philodendrons Like Smaller Pots?

    A philodendron should be kept in a pot with good drainage. Using smaller pots should be avoided when planting it. repotting should be done within every 2 to 3 years using well-aerated soil rich in organic matter.

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