How Should You Use Coffee Grounds on Philodendron Plants?

Being a tropical plant philodendrons are quite easy to grow and do not need much care and attention to survive. So, beginners always love to grow this plant. A philodendron can be easily grown indoors as it does not require direct sunlight. Placing your favorite variety of philodendron can enhance the beauty of your home or office.

Although this plant does not need much care to thrive, using good quality fertilizer can make it grow fast, stay healthy, and thrive for a long. Coffee grounds in the soil have become quite popular nowadays as it gives excellent results.

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I have tried using coffee grounds to boost the growth of my beloved philodendrons and, believe me, I have an excellent outcome. Coffee grounds can be the best alternative to fertilizers as it is rich in nitrogen. To enhance the growth of your philodendron you can make liquid fertilizer or compost using the coffee grounds.

Coffee can be the best option for plants with slow growth rates. However, proper usage of the coffee grounds can only give the desired result. Here, you will find out are coffee grounds good for philodendrons in pots and the benefits, and drawbacks of coffee on a philodendron.

How Should You Use Coffee Grounds on Philodendron Plants?

Coffee grounds correctly can only give that effective result. Here are some useful steps you should follow before using coffee grounds for your philodendrons.

Coffee Grounds Collection

You should only use coffee grounds and not any other filter coffee with additives. You can collect coffee grounds from a local coffee shop near you or use the grounds from your used morning coffee.

Coffee Grounds Need to Be Dried

You should always use dry grounds for your philodendrons to prevent them from becoming smelly and moldy fast. So, after collecting the grounds you need to let them dry out for a few days after spreading them on a newspaper or tray.

Use Coffee Grounds With Soil

After drying the grounds, you can use the coffee grounds after mixing it with the soil of your philodendron. You can also sprinkle the grounds on top of the soil and water your philodendron as usual.

Observe Your Philodendron

Even though using coffee grounds for your philodendron can be beneficial for the plant, over-usage can also be harmful. So, you should always use a moderate quantity of coffee grounds and check out for the result. Observing how your philodendron responds after adding the grounds is important.

Advantages of Using Coffee Grounds

Here are some benefits of using coffee grounds for your philodendrons. Check them out before use.

Healthy GrowthUsing coffee grounds helps your philodendron to stay healthy. The nutrients found in coffee make the plant grow fast.
Soil Quality Gets BetterPhilodendrons prefer slightly acidic soil. Using coffee grounds increases the acidity level of the soil.
Remove PestsCoffee grounds can help you to get rid of pests from philodendron as coffee contains caffeine.
Increases Growth RateUse coffee grounds to boost the absorption capacity of a philodendron. Thus, your plant can absorb more water and nutrients and grow faster.
Makes the Plant StrongThe roots, veins, and stem of a philodendron get strengthened when coffee grounds are used so, that the plant can absorb water properly. This makes the plant flexible and healthy.

What Amount of Coffee Grounds Should Be Added to the Philodendrons?

The volume of the soil determines the amount of coffee grounds that you should add to your philodendrons. You can mix the grounds with soil and use it, or you can sprinkle a handful of the coffee grounds on the top layer of the soil and spread it evenly.

Always avoid using too much coffee grounds as it may cause several diseases in your plant by retaining excess moisture.

Did You Know

Not all coffee benefits all philodendrons. Only varieties that prefer slightly acidic soil, like Heartleaf or Birkin, truly appreciate the acidity boost. Others, like Xanadu or Selloum, prefer neutral or slightly alkaline soil and could be harmed by acidic coffee grounds.

How Frequently You Can Use Coffee Grounds on Philodendrons?

The right amount of coffee grounds is necessary to get that desired result. Too much or too little ground can hamper the growth rate of your philodendron.

Using too much coffee grounds can increase the acidity level of the soil and thus, can obliterate the plant’s growth and make the beneficial worms go away. Due to this your plant may suffer.

On the other hand, your philodendron can be deprived of getting the advantages of the coffee grounds if too little amount is used. So, it is important to use the coffee in the right amount for the benefit of the plant.

Can Using Coffee Grounds Cause Damage to the Philodendrons?

Coffee grounds are acidic in nature so, it is important to use them by mixing them with water. Due to the high acidic level of the coffee grounds, even acidic plants like blueberries, hollies, and azaleas cannot tolerate the usage of the coffee grounds without water.

Table chart showing usage of coffee grounds on philodendrons

High acidic levels can stop the plant from absorbing the required nutrients from the soil and thus, your plant may perish. Lack of nutrients can stop the growth of the plant and have several harmful side effects. So, it is always recommended to use coffee grounds by mixing them indirectly with water.

Drawbacks of Using Coffee Grounds

The drawbacks of using coffee grounds should always be taken into consideration to ensure the overall development of the plant. Here are some of them.

Acidic soilThe pH level of the soil used for philodendrons should always be between 5.0 to 6.0. so, too much coffee grounds can damage the root of the plant by increasing the acidity level.
Growth of FungusFungal growth can be harmful to a philodendron. Using coffee grounds often retains excess moisture in the soil and causes fungal growth.
Harmful for Young PlantsDuring propagation, small stems are taken from the parent plant and grown separately. This small stem cutting cannot grow in acidic soil. Coffee grounds can increase the acidic level of the soil. So, it is better to avoid using the grounds on young plants.
Soil Becomes Very HardPhilodendrons prefer aerated and well-draining soil. Using coffee grounds can make the soil hard and clayey. This can stop the growth rate of the plant. Coffee grounds should only be used after mixing with other organic matter for the best result.


coffee grounds are useful for philodendrons as they contain nitrogen. Always go for used coffee grounds and not the filter or any other additives. Coffee grounds can be used instead of fertilizer to boost the overall health of the plant. Used coffee grounds also have low acidic levels and thus, can be used directly on the plant.

Although coffee grounds can be beneficial for your plant in several ways, you should always check out the disadvantages of using coffee to keep your beloved philodendron healthy.

Make sure the plant is getting enough water and nutrients as only using coffee grounds cannot make the plant grow fast and stay healthy. Also, avoid over-usage of coffee grounds as excess of anything is not good for the plant.

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