White Knight Vs. White Princess Philodendron: Spot the Differences

Unlike other varieties of philodendron, a White Knight and a White Princess resemble similar features. So, it sometimes becomes confusing for beginner collectors to identify them separately.

Both these philodendrons with beautiful emerald-colored leaves and white variegation can enhance the beauty of the place where they are kept.

Compare the philodendron white knight (left) with the white princess (right), two popular houseplants with variegated leaves.

So, to get the plant of your choice, you need to identify the differences between these philodendron varieties. To get the one you are looking for, go through this post thoroughly to learn more about the similarities and differences between these similar-looking plants.

White Knight Vs White Princess

Table showing the differences between a Philodendron White Knight and a White Princess.

DifferenceWhite Knight White Princess
Color of the LeavesThe color of the stem is dark burgundy/red stem with White variegation.Green pink and white Variegation.
Shape of LeafRounded leaves with green and white variegation patterns that can vary.More elongated, narrower leaves. Green with white variegation
Growth HabitIt is a climber.Does not climb.
Toxicity RateCan be toxic for animals if eaten.Toxic for both
Animals and Humans if eaten
NativeMostly found in South AmericaMostly found in South America
Scientific NamePhilodendron White KnightPhilodendron White Princess

Are White Knight and White Princess Philodendron the same?

Both varieties of Philodendron are not the same, although they are easily confused due to their similar names and foliage. They are both beautiful Philodendron varieties known for their white variegated leaves but have distinct features.

Philodendron white knight vs white princess: an infographic compares leaf shapes, variegation, and stem colors.

What is a Philodendron White Knight?

Stem ColourIt Has Dark Purple or Burgundy Stems With White Edges.
VariegationIt Has Patchier With Larger Chunks of White Variegation.
Shape of leafIt Has More Rounded Leaves.
GrowthIt is a Climber.

A White Knight has burgundy-brownish stems and petioles edged with white on the cataphyll. That means it does not characterize green stems. The leaf of a White Knight depends in terms of variegation. Sometimes it may have constellation-like splashy leaves, and sometimes it has huge patches of white on the leaves.

the type of variegation can vary in terms of care routine, genetics of the individual plant, and growing conditions. A White Knight is a climber and can only grow upwards if proper support is provided. It also has more rounded leaves than that of a White Princess.

What is a Philodendron White Princess?

Stem ColorIt Has Green Stems With White Cataphylls and Pink or Red Edges.
VariegationIt Has a Splattered Look With Different Shades of White and Green.
Shape of leafIt Has More Elongated, Narrower, and Longer Leaves.
GrowthIt is Also a Climber.

A White Princess is also a climber like a White Knight. It has a bright green stem with sometimes pink and sometimes white on the cataphyll and throughout it. Although this plant has mostly white variegation, sometimes you may notice patches of pink just like a Philodendron Pink Princess.

This variety of Philodendrons has splashy and constellation-like patterning. It has narrower and longer leaves and can become paddle-like and more rounded when matured. However, its leaves remain pointier than a White Knight.

Exposing a White Princess to high lighting can make it, produce pink petioles and stems.

What Are the Similarities Between a Philodendron White Knight and a White Princess?

Both these varieties of Philodendron are quite rare and share a common ancestry. They contain similar features that may create confusion among people to distinguish between them.

Here, are some similarities between a White Knight and a White Princess that you should know before getting the one you want.

Scientific Classification

Scientific information states that both these varieties of Philodendron are from the Arcae family. These varieties belong to the same kingdom called Plantae and the same genus called Philodendron.

Physical Description

Both the varieties of these Philodendrons can create confusion among people as both White Knights and White Princess have green heart-shaped leaves with white color combinations.

Potting and Soil

Unlike all other Philodendrons varieties, a White Knight and White Princess prefer well-draining, aerated soil rich in organic matter. While potting both plants you need to make sure the soil is moist but not soggy.

Toxicity Level

Both White Knights and White Princess can be extremely toxic for humans and animals if they are consumed. Eating these plants can irritate the skin of lips, hands, or mouth.


Although a Philodendron White Knight and a White Princess resemble some similar features, they are not completely the same. The shape and color of leaves stems make them look different from each other.

A White Knight blooms typical aroid flowers however, a White Princess rarely blooms any flowers. These small differences help gardeners to distinguish between them.

I hope this article will make it easier for you to find out the similarities and differences between both the varieties of Philodendrons so, that you can propagate them successfully and care for them.

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